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What is the Key to Success? What is the Key to Relationships? What is the Key to Health? What is the Key to Life? or... "QI TO LIFE" It ALL begins with the Breath. We are all connected to it. From the time we are born we cry out for it... and in the end of days we cling to it. They say every breath is a second chance and I believe that to be true! Life is made up of decisions. They will shape your destiny so choose wisely!

Qi to Life is awareness, a movement or even a consciousness bringing one's internal energy to a higher vibration by absorbing external energy into the body. This is done through focused / intentional breathing, not meditation. We are talking deep cellular breathing. The kind that taps into the autonomic system and connects to the endocrine system to balance out your hormones. This creates a sense of power and peace or Yin & Yang. This breathing allows you to set your intention. Either power up and get psyched or take it down and go into rest and digest mode.

Qi gong postures are done slow and with sincere movement. You begin to be mindful and concentrate on the true power you possess. An example is the pilot light inside of you gets cranked up when you bring your attention to it. It is the wherever focus goes energy flows concept. Raising your senses can be done through a grateful heart during practice with feeling. Lastly we become more when we absorb nutrition not just what we eat but when we consume the seeds, the pits, the rind. Life is in the phytochemicals from the fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We can be cleansed by the soluble fiber in the smoothies guarding us from harmful bacteria and cancers. Become your own best health care system and take the offense today! 

Qi to Life works with many businesses to share how to easily implement changes that will improve not just health but the mind body chemistry. We offer a one hour presentation and share how to 1. Realize your true inner Qi (Chi) power 2. Enlighten you with TNT or the Top Nine to Thrive food based healing concepts to easily integrate into the diet and 3. 9 breath Method which will give the ability to change one's state of being in less than one minute. Yes, this is a very powerful and highly effective technique.  We'll break off into groups and custom design a strong way to connect with the co-workers and begin to unite each other in the workplace. It is all based off of specialized breathing techniques. It has proven to be fun, inclusive and result driven for a happier, healthier & stronger staff. So you may hear in the future that your employees or even management requesting to go on an oxygen break!?

Qi to Life offers this to local businesses and large corporations in order to educate in ways to live a more vibrant and healthier life. We show how they can get back in control of their lives by making the decision to... Simply Breathe!

Contact Damon D'Amato 702-286-5550 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a company evaluation on wellness and creating Big Qi!

Damon D'Amato

Elevate your Qi through breath, movement, mindfulness, concentration and be filled with gratitude while maintaining a higher frequency through vibrant phytochemical nourishment!

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